Pied qui pique

Athlete's foot itch Ting by Cooper vintage ad

Sensational new TING cream for FOOT ITCH (Athlete’s foot)
Ting for toes sure is a hit!
Regular use helps relieve itching – soothes burning between cracked peeling toes – aids healing amazingly
First used in hospitals, now released to druggists TING must satisfy you in a week – or money back!
In lab tests Ting cream proved effective in killing specific types of athlete’s foot fungi on 60 second contact!
Even if other products have failed try amazing Ting cream today! Greaseless, stainless.
All druggists only 60¢ …also available in the new $1.00 economy size.
Antiseptic medicated cream.

Publicité pour un produit contre le pied d’athlète, 1952.

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