Awkward family photos

Un beau portra d’famille sur une planche de bois gossé, c’est tu pas assez beau ça!?

Quality Counts in Our Family. In our family of portrait-fund raising programs we care about quality as much as you do.
Quality still counts. In a world where value is relative, Majestic offers a worthwhile product that is unsurpassed in value. Exquisite color portraits backed by a team of three great names… Kodak paper for good looking portraits, Good Housekeeping’s limited warranty and photography by Majestic Studios, Inc. Our four unique fund raising programs permit organizations to offer first quality portraits and earn more than 50% profit. Many organizations have raised more than $1,000 the Majestic way. Quality plus value is the Majestic combination. Inquiries on our find raising programs are welcome. information may be obtained by calling toll free 800-251-6448 or in Tennessee 800-572-7245 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time Monday through Friday.
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