Plastered Pilot Jailed For Drunken Flying

Plastered Pilot Jailed For Drunken Flying

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Jailed For Drunken Flying After Plastered Pilot Scares Hell Out Of Two States
by Vic Burns
“It was all a big mistake. I’m no drunken sky driver.” Raymond T. Volzer, 48, a mechanic, professional airplane pilot and tradition breaker, shook his head in disbelief at the police charge.
(…) Before taking off, Volzer was seen by witnesses downing the contents of a couple of miniature whiskey bottles. Then he gunned the Beechcraft’s motors, knocked down one light barrier, swung his plane around and chopped another in two. (…) Hemmer, frantic at the knowledge that a drunken pilot was aloft with no way to stop him, telephoned state police in Harrisburg, Pa. (…) “Be on the alert for a drunken flyer.” Everybody laughed but a few minutes later, the tower picked up a blinker signal from a Beechcraft circling the field. (…)
Volzer made a perfect landing, staggered from the plane and saw for the first time the “reception committee.” Taken to the 12th District police station, waiting Dr. Edward L. Keyte, a police surgeon, pronounced Volzer intoxicated. Police said they found 100 bottles of whisky aboard the plane, plus five empty bottles. When brought to trial before Judge Juanita Stout, Volzer said: “I wasn’t a threat to anyone. I had no idea I was a wanted man. I made a normal landing. You can’t do that if you’re drunk.”
Judge Stout wasn’t impressed by Volzer eloquence. “You could have killed many people,” she lectured him sternly. “You could have killed me. I’ve got to protect the public from this man. Looks like you were operating a flying bar.”

Source : le tabloïd Midnight, 24 mai 1965.
Oui, la juge qui a prononcé la sentence contre le pilote ivre s’appelait “Stout”. Ça ne s’invente pas.

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