Nouvelles du monde (1952)

Regard sur l’actualité mondiale. On vous annonce la mort d’Eva Perón, 59 ans en retard.

Eva Peron (1919-52)
After Eva… While Argentina officially mourned First Lady Eva Perón -dead of cancer at 33- the future of Pres. Juan Perón looked gloomy. The Army, whose support had waned as the Peróns catered to labor, was set to force an end to Perón’s welfare state. They based their plans on Peron’s loss of his eloquent spokesman, Eva; Argentine bankruptcy from too many public expenditures, too little trade.

Faire la guerre froide, c’est pas une raison pour être si sérieux :

Lost in Translation
Delegates at the U.N. Economic and Social Council gasped when Soviet envoy Georgi Arkadiev quoted a U.S. newspaper to the effect that striking American workers were being told to get back to their jobs or be shot. Arkadiev, they later learned, had mistranslated the word « fired. »

Tiré du magazine Quick, Vol. 7, No. 5. 4 août 1952.

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