Un livre étrange (c’est ce qu’ils disent…)

It’s almost UNCANNY
what this book can do for you!
Test its amazing powers ABSOLUTELY FREE
A strange book! A book that seems to cast a spell over every person who turns its pages! And yet there is positively nothing queer—bizarre about its results. The whole secret lies in this simple fact; everyone has sleeping within himself tremendous unused energy—extraordinary personal powers capable of astonishing development. All you need to do is to release these dormant forces-grasp the full sweep of their amazing potentialities-then make them ready to do your bidding.
IMMEDIATE EFFECT. – And that is exactly what this singluar book enables you to do. It shows you how to tap this vast storehouse of power within. It explains how to release your own vital power-how to magnify it-how to harness it for confidence. Timidity gives way to courage. Humility retreats before self-reliance. You gain poise that commands attention. Charm that makes you irresistible. Popular personal assurance that reveals you to be a dynamic personality that attracts friends and opportunities wherever you go.
It is now available in Australia. Let it definitely influence your own personality.

The Man (magazine australien), Vol. 31, No. 6. Mai 1956.

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