Petite fille pas propre

Herculon vintage advertisement

How can mills produce fabric that is sure to come clean?
They weave it of 100% Herculon olefin fiber, the most stain-resistant of all man-made fibers used in today’s upholstery fabrics and carpeting. Stain and soil release are built right into the fiber, not added on. Also, with Herculon, the color is built into the fiber itself, so it will not wash or wear off.
Always an innovator in chemicals, Hercules was first in the U.S. to produce commercial polypropylene, the basic resin from which Herculon fiber is made.
Hercules has the answer. Hercules worldwide in chemicals.

Merci à Guillaume pour cet envoi. Si vous avez vous aussi des raretés à nous faire parvenir, envoyez-les à Vieille Marde. Votre sous-sol encombré vous remerciera.

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