Maganiser su Seare

Le samedi, c’est une bonne journée pour aller consommer. Mais ne vous en faites point avec votre empreinte carbone, puisque Sears vous offre cet attrayant et pratique compacteur à déchets (aussi disponible en avocado et en brun). Aucune honte à sortir un seul sac de vidanges au lieu de quinze.

The Sears Kenmore Compactor turns this much nasty garbage – into this neat little package.

Fifteen bags full. As much – or more than the weekly garbage collection of an average family of four. Sears Kenmore Compactor takes the whole mess and compacts ir all into one neat little package. This heavy duty compactor crushes bottles, cans and cartons; gobbles up all that wet, messy, smelly stuff too – deodorizes and compacts all of it into one neat, leak-resistant package!

What’s more, Sears Kenmore won’t work until the hidden key-lock is turned on. And  no special wiring is required. Any adequate 115-volt outlet will do. With a Sears Compactor, you really don’t need a garbage disposer, and you can throw the garbage cans out with the garbage! It means one bag once a week, instead of fifteen. Isn’t that worth the money? Enough people think so, because the Sears Compactor is the Number one Clean-up Machine.

Sears Kenmore compactors clean up after more American families than any other compactor.

Et maintenant pour la portion musicale de la journée, laissez-nous vous offrir ce souvenir de Sears, the musical.

Pub, 1970

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