On the seventh day of Christmas

My true love gave to me.
Seven Playboy from December 1982.

And sixPlayboy from December 1977.
And five Playboy from December 1974.
And four Playboy from December 1973.
And three Playboy from December 1971.
And two Playboy from December 1969.
And a Playboy from December 1968.

« But I can’t arrest him, lady—not on Christmas Eve! »

« Welcome home for Christmas! I’ve been baking for days! »

« I’m afraid only the manger is available. Some people are in there now, but I’ll be happy to throw them out for you gentlemen. »

« And now, for being such a good boy…. »

« To Mom and Pop, who made a mess of their lives but brought us kids through it all in one piece! »

« My goodness! There really is a Santa Claus! »


« I sent out scratch-and-sniff Christmas cards to all my customers. »

« Ma’am, I just bring the toys. I don’t necessarily want to play with them. »

« Ah, Wellard—did you remember to give Suzette her Christmas bonus? »

« Well, God bless us one and all—it’s Tiny Tim! »

My sock runneth over.

Playboy December 1982 • $4.00

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