Grande liquidation de poupées gonflables

Rien de bien choquant mais quand même, pour ceux qui sont au bureau…

Commençons par Rubber Lady. Ruby, pour les intimes. Your very-own play-girl. On met beaucoup d’emphase sur son côté « sympathique », mais l’argument qui tue est lorsqu’on dit qu’elle ne viendra pas se plaindre si vous désirez « expérimenter » d’autres avenues.

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Rubber Lady. There are times in any man’s life when he does not happen to have a suitable sympathetic sex partner — or when you want to avoid the complications of a romantic entanglement. She has a million-dollar figure and full, round breasts with aroused, erect nipples. A real woman, from her sympathetic face to her realistic pubic hair. Her soft, inviting vagina is very deep and always ready. There is even a fully realistic anus, and Rubber Lady will not complain if you should want to experiment with her!

Rubber Lady, c’est trop impersonnel ? Essayez nos poupées qui ont déjà un nom !
Voici Lisa, Mandy et Heidi !

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The original Lisa doll with electronic type mouth (…) is the action doll which proved an overwhelming success on the Continent that we have brought Lisa to Britain. The human-like action, tight flexible cheeks inside her mouth work on the air suction principle. Just squeeze the back of her head gently and watch her pulsing mouth come to life. Personal callers visit Lisa at London SW12: 2b Chestnut Grove, Balham.

vintage sex dolls poupée gonflable retro

The rage of the continent! An exclusive lovecare import! An exciting new model of love doll to make your erotic dreams come true! Complete with electric female parts, soft pubic hair and sensual deep throat. Mandy should not be confused with any cheap doll being sold for £12 – £20. Mandy is no ordinary doll, she is a bedmate designed to give you maximum sexual joy. She possesses the high quality characteristics of a doll costing £100 – £150. Lovecare exclusive star price is just £35 complete. Call and see Mandy at a lovecare shop or order by post.

vintage sex dolls poupée gonflable retro

Look at these features! Real Hair! Beautifully formed 36-24-36! Soft latex breasts! All female parts built-in! Fleshlike body! Exotic open-tipped bra and pants! She is prettier, more life-like and better made than many other dolls.

La préférence de l’équipe va à Mandy. Oui, elle est plus chère, mais l’argument « sensual deep throat » nous a convaincu ! Et vous ? Loving Lisa, Mandy, Heidi… ou femme gonflable aperçue dans une bande dessinée d’Archie ?

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  1. Marie-Christine Bernard via Facebook

    J’aime particulièrement le terme: liquidation. Suave.

  2. Avec du poil.. Un « must » à l’époque!

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