Favorites Jokes of the Southland

Par J. Michael Leonard.

Favorite jokes of the Southland #69
— Y’know, Maw, hit sholy pains me to think of our little Lena Lula… A’layin’ over yonder’n that cold graveyard night adder night adder night!
— A’ yeah, pain. Hit’s sholy a painful thought!
— Yes, Lord! Ol’ tombstone above her head! Painful… Painful… Why – sometime I even catch m’self a’wishin’ she wuz dead!

Favorite jokes of the Southland #41476
— Ho Lawd – ‘an I ain’t doin’ but fif’teen!
— While you ol’ boys git that garbage picked up, I’ll write ‘cha out a ticket for litterin’! Now git that shit covered ‘fore yawl pull out of here or I’ll take ya in!
— Now ain’t people wasteful! Somebody done threw away a perfectly good nigger!

Favorite jokes of the Southland #1
— Audrey, cin I look up yo’ dress?
— Why – I reck’ Rastus!
— Lawd! Lawd! Hit’s a wonder to behold!!

— Audrey, cin I look up yo dress agin?
— Sho’
— Yes Lawd! Hit’s sholy ah wonder.

— Audrey, cin I peek up under you dress jus’ one mo’ time?
— Well, I ‘speck so.
— Yeowsur! Yeowsur! Yeowsur! Hit’s ah sho’ nuff wonder! I can’t fugger it out.
— Whut y’all mean, Rastus? Whut’s ah wonder?
— Hit’s ah wonder that yo guts don’t slide out!

Paru dans National Lampoon, juillet 1976.

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