Sit, Stoop, Bend

vintage ad undergarment waistline comfort nemo adjustable

All-day waistline comfort even when you sit, stoop, bend.
Every time you sit, stoop, or bend, your waistline expands 1 1/2 to 3 inches. So — get into a Nemo Adjustable Waist! Its elastic magic ‘V’ self-adjusts to this inevitable spread, slimming you into « Visible Beauty, Invisible Comfort. » Batiste, Nylon, satin. At all good stores. From $7.50.
Nemo Adjustable Waist Foundations with the patented magic « V ».
©1949, Kops Bros., Inc,. 385 5th Ave., NYC 16.

Et pour ceux et/ou celles qui préfèreraient le « Visible Beauty, Invisible Comfort » plus haut et par en-avant… Dites: Up! Up!

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