Juliet Barks At Her Beau, Throws Poodle At Him

Juliet Prowse blasted her date at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, and threw her poodle at him. Fight was about his roving eye … Ronald Regan is politically ambitious and leading a dignified life but his ex, Jane Wyman, could tell a thing or two. Whenever the question comes up she laughs fit to be tied.

Natalie Wood has a hideaway beach home that no one knows about. It’s her own private nudist colony.

Burt Lancaster is learning to ski and his instructress is a beauty. It might take him years to learn … Elvis Presley has a new hobby — older girls. He dates a married actress of forty and has two other fortyish dates on the side.

Victor Buono is letting himself go even though the doctor has put him on a strict diet. And to make it worse, his girl friend is fat too and doesn’t mind the weight …

Jayne Mansfield bought a three-story town house in New York, and living with Jayne and her husband are his mother, father, brother, sister, an uncle and three cousins. They all « help » her in her career … Carol Burnett and Julie Andrews get together evenings to talk about how badly their husbands treat them. Both marriages are rumored on the rocks but Carol is pregnant so her divorce will have to wait …

Steve McQueen had a girl on his lap at a table in Schwab’s drug store when his wife phoned. He paled as if she could see through the telephone.

Steve Boyd was bitten on the arm by a horse while shooting a picture. He takes painful shots but they don’t interfere with his busy romantic life.

Sammy Davis is having trouble with his good eye. He may have to rest it for a month. He laughingly calls it « my wink eye. »

Claudia Cardinale is fighting the battle of the bulge and just nibbles almonds all day, then eats a steak at night. Her constant companion is Rock Hudson who eats what he wants and plenty of it …

Andy Williams will sue a producer over his slanderous remarks that cast doubt on Andy’s masculinity. Andy wanted to take a swing at him but friends held him back.

George Peppard invests his money in gas stations across the country and is doing great. He likes to go from station to station talking to the boys.

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