Leave My Wife Alone

Encore une fois de plus, faisons des Perez Hilton de nous-mêmes avec du potinage joyeux. Sauf que ce sont des potins de 1965… Ils sont tirés du tabloïd Midnight, fondé à Montréal. C’est la raison pour laquelle c’est bien la Place Ville-Marie que l’on voit ci-dessous :

Midnight Tabloid

Eartha Says No To Marriage Proposals
Eartha Kitt has been a sensation at her Talk of the Town stint and even more of a sensation offstage. Miss Kitt received two marriage proposals from weatlhy blue-bloods … Model Christine Child is being flooded with offers to do a Hollywood screen test. The lovely lass is studying each one carefully … Warren Beatty confronted a gent who was pestering Leslie Caron for a date. Beatty brought along a six-shooter … The burn on Laurence Olivier‘s face happened when a club singer snuffed out her lit cigaret on his mug during a very romantic fracas which got out of hand

Ursula Andress affair, Tony Curtis pretty wife

Curtis Warns Montand — Leave My Wife Alone
Yves Montand was warned by Tony Curtis to stay away from Tony’s pretty wife, Christine Kaufmann. Montand says he was just being friendly … Ursula Andress‘ latest date away from her husband is a wealthy grape grower … Simone Signoret‘s latest date is really shocking her friends. He’s an innocent-looking young man who’s studying for the ministry … Actress Ann Farge is terribly upset. Her new boy friend, Sean Flynn, was slapped with a paternity suit by a young girl who alleges Flynn is responsible for her unborn bundle.

Married Orson Welles affair with Geraldine Chaplin

MADRID — The most eyebrow-raising combination around town is the married Orson Welles and Geraldine Chaplin. It’s breathtaking to see Miss Chaplin lean her pretty body over Orson’s massive belly to plant a kiss on one of his many chins.

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