Make Love Not Kids

Just published – Limited edition only
« What every married woman should know » by Dr. Martin
At Last! The Book You Have Been Waiting For.
Here is the book for every wife, wife-to-be, or mother of a young girl, as well as husbands or husbands-to-be who sincerely wish their home life and marriage to be happy.
This splendid work will grip you with suggestions that are personal and confidential. It furnishes definite and practical information on VITAL SUBJECTS, pure in themselves, that are frequently surrounded with vulgar mystery.
This Invaluable Book Reveals SECRETS and MEDIAL HISTORY of MARRIED LIFE.

  • The Age of Puberty.
  • Signs of Maturity.
  • Care of the Pregnant Woman.
  • Male Glands.
  • Gradual Growth of the Child.
  • Disorders Peculiar to Women.
  • Childless Marriages.
  • Sterility.
  • Marital Hygiene.
  • Expectant Motherhood.
  • A Valuable Guide.
  • Inter-Racial Marriages.
  • Advice to the Male Parent.
  • The Wedding Night.
  • Pre-Marital Examination.
  • Mutual Consideration.
  • Ignorance, etc., etc.
    Scientists, after years of research, have discovered a safe, NATURAL METHOD, approved by leading doctors and clergy, also those opposed to mechanical and chemical Birth Control.

    You have it now in your own hands to fix the dates for conception and birth, when wanted, encouraging people to marry young. On the other hand, it gives new hope to childless couples as they can calculate accurately the woman’s most fruitful time to foster conception.

    In the past a woman could never accurately ascertain the few days of the month in which conception could occur. Now you can now at a glance with absolute certainty and without error the exact time by using DR. ALEXANDRE’S MARITAL ADJUSTMENT FORMULA and his PLASTIC WOMAN’S FERTILITY INDICATOR. Thousands of clinical tests PROVE this Natural Method to be correct.

    Simple System with Fertility Indicator
    Leading medical authorities highly recommend DR. ALEXANDRE’S MARITAL ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM. It explains the amazingly simple, easy method of controlling the Size of Your Family THE NATURAL WAY. It gives marital happiness WITHOUT FEAR.

    Publicités australiennes, 1956.

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